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Palos Verdes Peninsula Girls Softball

Palos Verdes Peninsula Girls Softball League is a non-profit recreational softball league that serves girls ages 4 through 14 residing on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and surrounding communities.  We provide a safe, first class recreational softball program to all girls interested in fastpitch softball.

Snack Shack Sign-Up

Use the following link to sign up for your Snack Shack shift:

USA Softball Trading Pin Design Contest

Each year, USA Softball creates a trading pin that is designed by one of it's youth members.  This is your chance to submit your entry!  Click Here for more information.   Deadline to submit is 3/30.  Good Luck!


Practice Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday
Cornerstone Field 1 Ottaway 6U Toman 8U Saggiani 10U Gregory 10U Izzo 10U Balzano 6U 2PM / Kim 6U 4PM
Cornerstone Field 2 Tamilin 8U Labreche 12U Ding 10U Fetters 12U Loorya 8U 10U Select 1:30PM / Craig 4PM
Cornerstone Field 3 Roth 6U Captain 6U Patterson 8U Craig 8U Rohrer 6U
Highridge Park Klein 8U Masuda 6U Saggiani 10U (2)